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About Peaceful Warrior Muay Thai Academy

Peaceful Warrior Muay Thai Academy LLC is a school specializing in teaching the traditional martial art and combat sport of Muay Thai – the national sport of Thailand.  Also known as Thai boxing, or ‘the art of eight limbs;’ Muay Thai is a complete full-contact fighting system forged from centuries of battle-field tactics (Muay Boran) and minimal-rules blood-sport (human cock-fighting) originating in the old kingdom of Siam.  Widely regarded as the most complete ‘stand-in and strike’ style of hand-to-hand combat in the world, modern Muay Thai is one of the most common martial arts (alongside boxing, wrestling and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu) used as a base for training to compete in professional MMA (mixed martial arts) leagues such as Eternal MMA, Bellator, and the UFC – as well as other professional sports like boxing and kickboxing leagues such as the WBA, K1, and Glory.  Muay Thai’s emphasis on training everything from boxing and kickboxing to sweeping and fighting in the clinch with the inclusion of knees and elbow strikes make it a comprehensive fighting style with real-world application for everything from prizefighting to personal self-defense in the street. 

Peaceful Warrior Muay Thai Academy (PWMTA) is owned and operated by Kru Adam House, a retired US Army veteran who was educated in Muay Thai at Great Grand Master Toddy’s Muay Thai Academy in Bangkok, Thailand – where he received his teaching license from the Thai Ministry of Education and graduated as a certified Kru (Muay Thai instructor) with the MTIA (Muay Thai International Association).  Under the Thai government-accredited teaching of Kru Adam, PWMTA relies on the same Thai boxing curriculum as it is taught in sanctioned Muay Thai schools and gyms throughout Thailand.  PWMTA focuses heavily on sound fundamentals and solid technique so as to provide an authentic and high-quality education and training environment for students to develop their skills.


Peaceful Warrior Muay Thai Academy is an equal opportunity school.  Both male and female, children through adults and seniors, and even people with handicaps/disabilities can be accepted.  The school welcomes everyone from the first-time beginner martial arts student to the professional fighter, and those people who want to break out of the cycle of being an overweight couch potato to the experienced athlete alike.  PWMTA is a school for all the above; and takes pride in being a school which emphasizes hard work, building confidence, discipline, health and fitness, and having a fun and enjoyable exercise activity.  It is the goal and prerogative of PWMTA to provide students with a learning environment geared towards constant opportunity to progress and improve, but not to sustain preventable injuries.  We strive to foster an atmosphere for responsible and professional training, focusing on health and safety as opposed to hurting our training partners.  PWMTA is not a ‘fighter-stable’ of competitors, and Kru Adam’s specialty is not in coaching fighters for the ring; but the school’s focus on comprehensive training in sound fundamentals and proper technique provides top-notch experience which can easily be used as a solid foundation for competent students who want to move on into competition in Thai boxing and/or other combat sports such as kickboxing and mixed martial arts.  Whether your emphasis and personal goals revolve more around health and fitness, fun family and social activity, a realistic self-defense training regimen, or preparing for a career in fighting; PWMTA can accommodate your needs. 


Peaceful Warrior Muay Thai Academy is also proud to offer exposure to Thai language and cultural experiences as a regular part of our training, curriculum, and special events.  It is Kru Adam’s honor and pleasure to incorporate some Thai language and traditions into our program based on his years in Thailand and learning about the country and its’ people while living in the Muay Thai Academy housing on an international student visa in Bangkok.  From learning to pay proper respects and count in the Thai language during classes, to celebrating events such as Thai boxing day and the Thai new year water festival; PWMTA wishes to provide students with a rich and authentic experience as possible being immersed in Muay Thai culture. 

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